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How we work

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The Team
Tonbridge U3A Travel consists of a team of seven U3A members who take pleasure in researching, planning and organising visits to a wide range of venues having an element of education and leisure including architecture, history, art, gardens etc which hopefully will be of interest to the general membership. Day outings take place most months of the year with consideration given to the weather conditions in that month.
In addition to the day outings a week long holiday is arranged annually alternating between destinations in the UK and Europe. Also additional short holidays may be organised at some point during a year.
Travel for the day outings is normally by coach but for the longer visits this may be air, train or coach dependant on the destination. Distance and time are the main consideration as to the type of transport used.
On any outing or holiday all team members whether organising or travelling as individual U3A members pay the full price given in the application form. Costs are kept to a minimum and cover travel, entry fees, guides when necessary, hotels, gratuities and any administration expenses. Any free places provided by a tour company are either included in the overall price of the outing or they are used to finance entry fees, additional travel costs and even cash refunds for the benefit of all members on the outing.
Our pricing structure is based on a minimum number of members travelling with us to give a break even situation. We are non-profit making. Should we then have additional applicants to partially fill or totally fill a coach the additional monies generated would be divided up by the total number of members travelling less any entry fees etc and a cash refund paid to each member on the day. If a member has to cancel a booking for an outing then a full refund of the price paid will only be provided if their place can be resold to another member. If this is not possible then a partial refund may be provided if we can retrieve any costs such as entry fees, cash refunds etc.
Our application form for each outing is published prior to the event in the monthly news and this gives all information on the outing or holiday.
All outings are open to all paid up members of Tonbridge U3A completing the appropriate application form. Pre-booking and a first come first served priority is not considered. Any non member or prospective member can only join in an outing once. If a member has to be accompanied by a carer, that person does not have to be a member of the U3A.
Where Outings are over-subscribed a ballot is undertaken by the organisers and any applicants not selected in the ballot are notified accordingly. A reserve list is compiled so that if a cancellation should arise then members on that list are given the opportunity to join the outing. The reserve list is carried forward to the organisers of the next outing on which a ballot is required so that priority can be given to those remaining on that list should they apply for a place on the outing. Members should not transfer their acceptance to another member when not able to attend but should refer back to the organisers so that those on the reserve list can be given the opportunity to join the outing.

Where Holidays are over-subscribed allocation is made on a “first come first served “ basis.  A Tour Company is always used for the logistics of these holidays and their pricing is always for the accommodation and travel during the holiday. Any additional travel (to mainline stations or airports) expenses, gratuities, entrance fees etc are paid for at the discretion of the Travel Team Organisers using the monies derived from the free places that the Tour Company’s make available. Dependent on the number of bookings and therefore the number of free places there may be an additional charge or a refund (so beloved by members) passed to the participating travellers.
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